function hello_world() {
  return "Hello World!";
class Person
  protected $name;

  public function __construct($name)
    $this->name = $name;

  public function find($id)
    return $this->where('id', $id)->first();
  public function getName()
    return $this->name;
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Hi, you can find my skillsets, my creations, and might also recruit me for an open-source or paid project


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My Truthful Known Skillsets

Skillsets General Explanation.

The reason I could numerate them all is because I know there are things that I couldn't do yet. For example I couldn't do an image manipulation with pure PHP Native yet or I couldn't make a whole new PHP function written in C (low-level programming) yet.

Want to know more? See how I code.

The most suitable and well known phrase for my programming is KISS or "Keep It Simple Stupid". It's when you know you can achieve it with 3 lines of code instead of 20 lines or when you write 3 lines of code instead of 1 line for readability purpose.

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Lisette Swift ‘ or 1=1;# 01 Aug 2023, 20:06
Dr. Jordy Barton V Hello Andika 02 Nov 2023, 10:50

What else. How about checking my creations?

I've made several random project with multiple purposes. Not much yet, but I'll add some more when I have some free time!

Well, want to know me more?

I have some social media if you want to reach me there.
Don't hesitate to contact me, even if you can't speak English or Indonesia, because we have google translate for communicating to each other, haha.

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